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Julia was the daughter of Francis and a victim of Amarkax in 2019.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Julia lived with her parents in Sunnydale. At sixteen years old, she posted pictures of herself under the username smartsnark872. Julia suffered online bullying through comments on these pictures, such as from user thedankestreal who wrote her: "Kill yourself, fatty."[1]

One night, the demon Amarkax, under the username friendtothelonely, took advantage of her vulnerability and sent Julia a message in the same social media. He called her beautiful and included a link for a picture of himself that made her act under his influence. Possessed, Julia set fire on her home with lit candles and a gallon of gas.[1] Julia and her parents did not survive the fire.[2]

When Angel, a friend of Julia's father for having saved him as a child, was in Amarkax's hell dimension, the vampire was attacked by visions of the people whose death caused him guilt and sorrow, Julia among them.[3] Angel was haunted once again by visions of Julia among others when entering the Hellmouth, in an attempt of the change demon Ulfreth to feed on his fears.[4]

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