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Judy Kovacs was a woman whom Angel befriended during his 1952 stay at the Hyperion Hotel.


Judy was one of many people staying in the Hyperion while it was under the influence of a Thesulac Demon. Beforehand, she had robbed her former employers, the City Trust Bank at Salina in Kansas, having been fired from there when they discovered that she was biracial (half-African American), passing to be born white since she was 15 years old. Her fiancé Peter left her for the same revelation.

She hid out in Angel's room from the police. Though Angel initially attempted to stay isolated from the humans, Judy's repeated attempts to befriend him eventually succeeded. Feeling compelled to help, Angel discovered the presence of Thesulac, but by the time he figured out how to destroy it and obtained the items required, the entire hotel was consumed with pathological paranoia, including Judy after Thesulac began to prey on her fear of being caught. When Judy was attacked by an angry mob after being blamed for the murder of a candle salesman, Judy pointed the mob in Angel's direction out of self-preservation, a decision she immediately regretted when the mob beat and lynched Angel with animalistic fury. As a result of this encounter, a crushed and embittered Angel abandoned the hotel to Thesulac's influence.

Angel discovers Judy at an elderly age after vanquishing the Thesulac Demon.

Judy remained in the hotel for the next forty-eight years, long after it closed down. Overwhelmed with guilt over betraying Angel, her fear and sorrow provided Thesulac with "room service" for nearly five decades. In late 2000, Angel finally returned, and slayed Thesulac. He then confronted the now-elderly Judy, who, recognizing him, apologized for her actions all those years ago, and was forgiven. With Angel by her side, Judy died peacefully.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Melissa Marsala and Eve Sigall.