Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, the comic mini-series Fallen Angel: Reborn is a crossover with IDW's Fallen Angel. It has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Jude is the son of a former member of the Hierarchy , Dr. Juris and Liandra, he now bears severe burns. He was magistrate of Bete Noire.

He intervened when his mother and Illyria were fighting, when thay arrived to the tower of power of the city, he heard of Illyria's quest. The city told him where the first symbols was, and told him that Illyria would never reach it, however it lied to him, as his mother warned him and when Illyria took her scythe a blinding white light shone from the place. When he could see again his mother and Illyria were nowhere to be seen.


  • His voice and manners reminded Illyria of Wesley.


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