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Uh huh, I love you anyway, trouble maker.
―Joyce Summers[src]

Joyce Summers was an art gallery manager and the mother of Buffy Summers.


Joyce had been dating the doctor Eric for a year when they moved together to Sunnydale in 2019, along her teenage daughter Buffy.[1]

In October 28, 2019, Joyce had the opening of the Egyptian exhibit she curated.[2] At the event, she met Rupert Giles and Jennifer Calendar, the librarian and a computer science teacher at Buffy's school.[3]

The party was crashed by a group of vampires led by Drusilla, who demanded the Dagger of Sekhmet. Joyce identified herself as the curator, but the object had disappeared, so she would be the first victim until the dagger was found. Before Spike was able to bite Joyce, Jenny confessed Giles had hidden it, so Drusilla used the dagger to activate the Hellmouth.[3] As the floor cracked beneath them, Giles and Jenny led Joyce and Eric to safety.[4]



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