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Joyce Harris was the first daughter of Dawn and Xander.[1]


Early life[]

Joyce was born in the quiet year between the crisis of the Supernatural Crisis Act and the Reckoning, and had her name as a homage to her late grandmother Joyce Summers. She lived with her parents in their house in San Francisco, and had Mister Gordo and a Vampy Cat plush toys.[1]

Her mother had prohibited Joyce's aunt Buffy to wear the weapon around the baby, which the Slayer apparently did frequently.[1]

Despite their fear of leaving Joyce an orphan, her parents were both present during the battle of the Reckoning. While Dawn had to go the Willow's empowerment center to open the portal that expelled a demon army from the Earth to a Hell dimension, Xander couldn't leave her alone to face such danger. They left Joyce under her grandmother Jessica's care,[2] and were able to both return home after the battle.[3]

Possible future[]

Summers Harris family

Joyce with her parents and younger siblings.

The oldest child, Joyce eventually had a brother and a sister, and studied magic,[4] although this was only known by Harmony Kendall in the original timeline before the actual Reckoning.[3]