Jonathan was a copy of Jonathan Levinson’s consciousness and DNA sample. He was first manifested as a hologram, then as a rapidly decaying flesh body, until he was turned into a vengeance demon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After magic was returned to the world and rules of magic wiped, Andrew returned to the remains of Sunnydale, where he recovered Jonathan Levinson’s DNA sample and consciousness saved on a USB flash drive. Andrew revealed to the “holo-Jonathan” that he intended to “resurrect” him, but had been uncomfortable with simply making a test tube baby or a robot body.[1]

Andrew was prevented from actually carrying through with any magical resurrections, but he continued to converse with the new Jonathan in his home in Oakland. He offered him the option to be given a robot body, which Jonathan enthusiastically agreed to, requesting to be made taller in the process.[2]

Later, Andrew went to a witch coven party in Oakland in search of a potion that could make a new body, ostensibly for use in his resurrection of Jonathan. However, the Asclepian Vial was not intended to create a new body from nothing, but alter an existing one.[3]

Andrew continued to search for a new body for the holographic Jonathan, but Jonathan felt Andrew was taking his time and was too interested in looking for dates on Grindr. When the Sculptor approached Andrew with a deal to create a body for Jonathan in exchange for Andrew stealing Buffy’s Scythe, Jonathan pressured Andrew to take the deal, claiming it would make up for Andrew’s past sins. Believing Andrew had carried through on his part of the bargain, the Sculptor provided Jonathan with a body (which was muscular, tanner, and taller than his original body), but Andrew had in fact double-crossed the Sculptor and informed Buffy of the deal. Upon realizing that the Sculptor’s defeat meant the eventual death of his new body, Jonathan accused Andrew of betrayal, punched him, and fled.[4]

Eventually, Jonathan allied himself with D'Hoffryn, their mutual vendetta against the Scoobies making them ideal allies. D’Hoffryn restored Jonathan’s physical form, while Jonathan, the first male vengeance demon,[5] gave him actual wishes to grant to refine his assault on his enemies.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

After being a hologram, Jonathan was able to choose some alterations for his flesh and permanent body, such as being a taller, muscular, and tanner version of original Jonathan Levinson.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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