I want to take him down! I want to beat him!

John was an enemy of the vampire Spike.


John was a mysterious serial killer and weapons expert who held a grudge against Spike, whom John claimed had taken his soul.When Spike's soul had been restored, John lost his, and with it the joy he obtained from killing. Alongside Drusilla, John was taken to Las Vegas by Wolfram & Hart as part of the firm's plan to deal with the vampire. While Wolfram & Hart's representative, the demon Tor, hoped to do business with Spike without violence, John attempted to kill Spike when the latter rejected Tor's offers.

Having captured Spike's teammate Beck, John attempted to remove Spike's soul using a ritual. Although the plan succeeded, Spike remained good - realizing his own redemption had begun before he even regained his soul, as regaining it had been his own choice. Spike then had Willow Rosenberg direct his soul into Drusilla, thereby offering her a chance at redemption.

John was killed by Drusilla in the fight that ensued over Spike's soul.


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