I am the daughter to a King, sir. A king who promised happiness and a better life for everyone. I didn't denounce him and escape for my good alone. I did it to see his promise come true for all the women of Oden Tal. If a few have to die to protect my people ...

Jhiera was the princess of the demon people from the dimension Oden Tal.


Jhiera fought an ongoing battle against the enslavement of the females of her species by the Vigories, the Oden-Tal males, providing refuge for young Oden Tal women who had escaped to Earth.

Angel helped her to evade and defeat a Vigori force that would have stopped her refugee operation. Jhiera and Angel were attracted to each other, but clashed because she was willing to let innocent Earth people get killed rather than jeopardize her mission.[1]

Jhiera and her fellow Oden-Tal women later gained full control over their heat-generating powers, but were manipulated by an ancient body-jumping Chinese sorcerer into helping him unlock the dimension where his dragon master was sealed centuries in the past. Realizing her mistake, Jhiera ultimately sacrificed herself to give Angel and Buffy Summers the chance to slay the dragon lord, leaving Angel to contemplate whether death could serve as a true atonement.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Thermokinesis - Like her fellow Oden-Tal women, Jhiera was exceptionally proficient with heat generation. She was apt in focusing her powers through her palms, using extreme heat that could send enemies flying several feet away. Her abilities were capable of knocking humans unconscious for several hours, although they were less effective on other demons, such as vampires.

Behind the Scenes

  • Bai Ling stated in an interview that she planned to make further appearances on the show, and after "She" aired, David Greenwalt contacted her and told her how pleased the crew was with the episode. However, she did not make any further appearances.