Jeremy Ratchford is the actor who portrayed Lyle Gorch in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ratchford is best known for his star-making role as Detective Nick Vera on Cold Case. In the Philadelphia-set drama, Ratchford worked in every season with Buffyverse alumni.

--Season 1--

"Useless Cats" with Jenni Blong and Brooke Bloom.

"Churchgoing People" with Daisy McCrackin.

"The Runner" with Aldis Hodge, directed by David Straiton.

"Love Conquers Al" with Summer Glau.

"Fly Away" directed by James Whitmore Jr..

"The Hitchhiker" directed by Marita Grabiak.

"The Letter" with Sven Holmberg.

"Disco Inferno" directed by James Whitmore Jr.

"Volunteers" with Amber Benson and Michael Harney.

"Resolutions" with John Kapelos.

"Late Returns" directed by David Straiton.

"Greed" with T.J. Thyne.

"Maternal Instincts" with Tracy Middendorf.

"The Plan" with Sam Witwer.

--Season 2--

"The Badlands" with Indigo.

"Factory Girls" with Rance Howard.

"The House" with Chad Lindberg.

"Mind Hunters" with John Billingsley and Jamie McShane.

"Discretion" and "Yo, Adrian" directed by James Whitmore Jr.

"Revolution" with Jordana Spiro.

"Wishing" with James MacDonald.

"Revenge" with Brigid Brannagh and Michael Shamus Wiles.

"Ravaged" directed by James Whitmore Jr.

"Strange Fruit" with Chaney Kley Minnis.

"Kensington: with Brett Rickaby.

"The Woods" with John Billingsley and Chet Grissom.

--Season 3--

"Bad Night" with Gareth Williams.

"Colors" with Christina Hendricks and Thomas Kopache.

"Saving Patrick Bubley" with Edwin Hodge.

"Start-Up" directed by James Whitmore Jr.

"8 Years" with Zachary Ty Bryan.

"Willkommen" with John Rubinstein.

"The Hen House" with Todd Babcock.

"Joseph" with Sam Anderson.

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