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It sounds weird to say this about a monster that caused so much pain and death and suffering, but... In the end, once we were ready for him, he wasn't all that tough.
―Jean Anthony[src]

Jean Anthony was a counselor at the San Francisco Mission Women's Center.


Jean had previously lived with an abusive fiance for two years. Some time later, she was sexually assaulted by an Incubus who killed most victims, but had a special grudge against women who helped other women and wanted the suffering to last. During the assault, the demon had hypnotized her and partially drained her life force.

Jean then identified him in a forty years old newspaper picture, protesting the opening of the Mission Women's Center, where she has been counseling abuse and assault survivors for ten years. She contacted supernatural detective Robert Dowling, who recruited the Slayer Buffy Summers and the vampire Spike on the case. While in private, Jean was able to share her story with Buffy. They worked together in a trap against the Incubus, easily killing him.