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Jax was a vampire and the second-in-command of the Vampire King Rupert Giles in an alternate timeline visited by Buffy Summers.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Service to Giles[edit | edit source]

Jax's history before joining the Kakchiquels was unknown including if Jax was even his real name. One day, Jax simply appeared, a vampire sired by Giles himself who fed off of Camazotz for power. However, Jax quickly grew to be Giles' second-in-command and was hated by Spike for his position of power.

Five years after Giles rose to power, Jax was leading a meeting where Giles' subordinates were reporting on their efforts to turn the leaders of Los Angeles when Spike burst in, enraged by the escape of Buffy Summers and the death of Drusilla. Giles simply had Jax continue the meeting before pulling Spike into a private audience afterwards.

When Giles returned from his visit to Buffy, Jax greeted him. Giles ordered Jax to move the branding of some new supplicants to the next night so that the Vampire King could visit Camazotz to feed off of the demon-god for more power.[1]

Battle of Sunnydale[edit | edit source]

The next day, as Giles met with a Borgasi demon, Jax interrupted with urgent news. Once the demon was waiting outside in the hallway, Jax announced to the Vampire King that the Watchers Council was launching a massive attack against Sunnydale. To Jax's shock, Giles was pleased to hear that it would only be a single-front battle instead of the Council mustering up enough operatives to attack from both the north and the south. Jax pointed out that they could only put 20 to 30 of their soldiers against the Council assault force due to the limited number of sunsuits, but Giles knew that both the humans and demons that prospered under his rule would fight to defend them as well. Giles ordered Jax to give the order to defend the town but to make everyone aware that the Slayer was his even if they had to grant Buffy safe passage to city hall. Though Jax protested that Buffy would kill Giles, Giles was sure that she would not and would instead join them before they saw another dawn.[1]

When the Council operatives stormed the courtroom where most of the Kakchiquels were gathered, Jax and Giles were in the judge's chambers attached to it. As Giles left to chase after Buffy and her friends, Jax remained behind to command the vampire army that remained to fight even without the power granted to them by Camazotz. Outnumbered, most of the Council operatives fell to the Kakchiquels. Jax himself had one of his eyes blown out in the battle, but survived and was able to kill Father Christopher Lonergan with an axe to the chest. With only Wesley, three operatives and the Slayer Anna Kuei remaining, Jax enjoyed himself, prancing merrily with his axe as he joined the vampires surrounding the Slayer and her Watcher. Wesley ordered Anna to dust Jax as quickly as she could, knowing that the loss of their leader would unsettle the other Kakchiquels.

As Jax ordered his vampires to finish the survivors, Oz, Willow and Xander rushed in to help. Distracted, Jax and the other vampires turned to face the new arrivals which Wesley took as his chance to attack. Wesley cracked Jax in the face with his shotgun, knocking the vampire down and causing his axe to go skidding away. Anna fought off the other vampires attempting to help Jax while Wesley attempted to blow Jax's head off with his shotgun. However, Wesley was out of ammunition and Jax yanked Wesley down on top of him. Though Anna attempted to help her Watcher, Jax snapped Wesley's neck, killing him.

Distracted by Wesley's death, Anna was not fast enough to avoid the three vampires that jumped on top of her and pinned the Slayer down. Jax savored the moment and the chance to feed on the blood of a Slayer and disarmed Anna of her stake when she tried to attack him. Seeing Anna in trouble, Xander ordered Willow to save everyone else before rushing to Anna's rescue. Picking up a dropped battleax, Xander managed to come up behind Jax unnoticed. Xander decapitated Jax, dusting him and saving Anna, but causing the other vampires that had been attacking Anna to turn on Xander and rip him apart in revenge. Grief-stricken, Willow called upon the power of the lords of chaos to break the windows in the courtroom and dust the remaining Kakchiquels.[2]

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