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Dawn: “My sister thinks I'm staying at your house.
Janice: “Ahh. The Mominator thinks I'm staying at yours. Can't believe they fell for that one. Like, own a TV?
Dawn Summers and Janice Penshaw[src]

Janice Penshaw was Dawn's best friend.


She and Dawn claimed to be spending the night at each other's houses during Halloween in 2001. She told Dawn that her mother, whom she calls "The Mominator", thinks Janice is staying at Dawn's house. However, they really snuck out to walk the streets with a couple of boys, who turned out to be vampires. During the night, Dawn got her first kiss from one of the vampires and Janice was bitten by the other, but was rescued by Giles. Dawn was also rescued from a vampire gang by Buffy, Giles, and also Spike, who was personally offended by the vampires hunting on Halloween (as vampires and other supernatural activity usually take the night off on Halloween).

Dawn mentioned that Janice's sister was a lawyer. Dawn also said that she liked staying at Janice's house because everyone there seems to like having her around, unlike at home.


She occasionally engaged in Val-speak, like when she said, "Like, own a TV?"

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