Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming together on such short notice. We have a very rare and special treat for you tonight. Moonrise is in 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter...dinner will be served.
―Jacob Crane[src]

Jacob Crane was the owner of an exclusive Los Angeles restaurant which served rare creatures, including werewolves.

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During the Fall of Los Angeles, Crane was responsible for a number of atrocities that put him in the list of Eddie Hope. After Los Angeles was restored by the Senior Partners, Hope hunted Crane down, but not before Crane warned one of his associates, Zhang.

Personality and traits Edit

I'm willing to let my men die. Can you say the same?
―Crane to Angel[src]

Jacob was a ruthless and feared man, whose prime concern was to satisfy his high paying customers. He cared little about the safety and lives of the men working for him. He was quick to turn against Dr. Royce when the latter was transformed into a werewolf, as he had acquired the main course he had promised his guests.

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  • He was portrayed by Braeden Marcott.

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