Jack Willitts was a Hollywood producer and the father of teenage daughter Karinna Willitts.

After Karinna died in a drive-by shooting while out partying one night, Jack was able to use his contacts to cover up the death long enough for him to be contacted by the sorceror Mordractus, who used one of his fae minions to pose as Karinna to create a trap for Angel, providing Jack with a business card from Angel Investigations in case Angel didn't contact Jack on his own. After Angel saved the fake Karinna from a bar fight, Jack hired Angel as Karinna's new bodyguard (Angel being subtly pressured into the role by Cordelia), as well as offering Cordelia a job (Although the job in question was as a tour guide for the studio rather than the acting job Cordelia naturally wanted).

After Angel realised the truth about Jack's connection to Mordractus and the true nature of Karinna he had been guarding, Jack attempted to buy Angel off, but Angel simply burnt the money Jack gave him and exorcised the fake Karinna. The following day a news article declared that Jack's company was facing serious financial trouble, particularly since a famous actor he had allegedly hired for his next picture (evidently brainwashed by Mordractus) had denounced the idea of any collaboration between the two ("Close to the Ground").

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