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Isabel Cortes was a Spanish Slayer from Barcelona. She had been identified by the Watchers Council as a Potential Slayer and trained accordingly. In September 1940, after discovering the plan of the demon Skrymir to hunt down every Potential Slayer in order to destroy the Slayer line, Isabel was extracted by Council agents and taken to the organization's headquarters on Great Russell Street, London. On September 7th, during the attack of Skrymir and his minions, Isabel was activated as the latest Slayer after the death of Sophie Carstensen. However, Isabel's tenure only lasted a few minutes, as she was quickly killed by Skrymir himself. After her death, Eleanor Boudreau became the next Slayer.


Preceded by:
Sophie Carstensen
The Slayer,
September 7, 1940
Succeeded by:
Eleanor Boudreau
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