How can you get cancer from eating chocolate?
―Irv Kraigle[src]

Irv Kraigle was the CFO of a corporation named LyCor, which was sued for selling chocolates that caused cancer. In a subsequent meeting with Wolfram & Hart lawyers Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan arranged by Nathan Reed, Lindsey proposed a method of getting around the lawsuit by claiming that the boxes containing the chocolates had been the cause of the poisoning that resulted in cancer, and those boxes had been made by a off-shore company that had split off from LyCor and that had gone bankrupt six months earlier.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Michael Dempsey.

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  • Kraigle was the first shown client of Wolfram & Hart who appeared to be genuinely innocent; he seemed legitimately unaware his product was hurting people, and asked for assurances from Lindsay and Lilah that they were doing nothing illegal.
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