Delta Zeta Kappa members perform the Invocation of Machida

The Invocation of Machida summoned Machida for a ritualistic sacrifice of three female virgins to the demon. This ritual was performed on the tenth day of the tenth month of every year.

The Invocation was performed by Tom Warner and the Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity in 1997, offering Buffy Summers, Cordelia Chase, and Callie Anderson.[1]


“Machida… Machida. We who serve you, we who receive all that you bestow, call upon you in this holy hour. Machida. We have no wealth, no possession, except that which you give us. We have no power, no place in the world, except that which you give us. It has been a year since our last offerings…a year in which our bounty overflowed…We come before you with fresh offerings… we hope you find them worthy. Accept our offering, dark lord, bless us with your power, Machida! Machida! Come forth, let your terrible countenance look upon your servants and their humble offerings! We call you, Machida! In his name! Machida! For he shall rise from the depths and we shall tremble before him. He who is the source of all we inherit and all we possess. Machida! Machida! And if he is pleased with our offerings, then our fortunes shall increase. Machida, let our fortunes increase. And on the tenth day of the tenth month he shall be en-hungered and we shall feed him. Except that which you give us. Receive our offering!”


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