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Invisibility was the power or condition of not being visible. Certain beings could be rendered without a visible form[1][2][3] while others were merely outside the perception of a specific group,[4][5] sometimes removed via sense manipulation.[6][7]



  • A combination of quantum physics and the influence of the Hellmouth caused the negligence surrounding Marcie Ross to manifest physically. An explanation was based on the idea of reality being shaped by perception; because many students perceived Marcie as invisible, she became invisible. This also happened with an entire group of students.[1] Years later, Buffy saved a girl by slapping her face when she began to fade out under the same circumstances.[8]
  • The Trio invented an invisibility ray, which they used on themselves and unintentionally on Buffy. However, the aftereffects of being turned invisible included the destruction of the subject's molecular structure, with the result that the invisible subject would eventually collapse if not restored to their normal state.[2]



  • The effects of Gachnar's presence caused Xander to be unperceivable to his friends, which included making him invisible to them.[12]
  • Tara accidentally made a group of Lei-ach demons invisible to the Scooby Gang when casting a spell that prevented them from seeing demons, as her goal had been to conceal her perceived demonic heritage from the gang.[6]
  • Rack had his residence cloaked; it was only detectable by vampires, demons, or witches through a rise in ambient temperature.[13]
  • Guilt-ridden Willow subconsciously cast a spell to make Buffy, Xander, and Dawn unable to perceive and interact with her and vice-versa, which included making them invisible for each other.[7]
  • Willow cast a spell on herself again, this time intentionally, to secretly investigate the protected areas of the Safe Zone.[14]
  • While invading the Safe Zone, Willow cast a cloaking spell over herself, Buffy, and Faith so they could pass undetected through the soldiers in their way.[15]


  • The ghost Maude Pearson could make herself invisible to some, while her son Dennis could not take visible form.[16]
  • The First Evil could choose who to appear to and remain unseen and unheard by others.[5]
  • While dealing with Matthias Pavayne as a ghost, Spike sometimes would be rendered invisible to others.[17]
  • During the end of magic, Dawn's existence began to disappear without the magic that kept the Key in human form. She was slowly becoming forgotten and was entirely invisible at the time Buffy had restored magic.[18] She had become mystical energy in need of something physical to coalesce around, so Willow restored her by performing the Key embodiment ritual with Buffy's blood.[3]

Invisible individuals[]

Known individuals who became invisible at any point: