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"Interlude" was the third issue of the Blood & Trenches comic book mini-series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In London, Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce was assigned by the Watchers Council to stop the Cult of Antemorh and its leader, Kakistos. Geoffrey had to get on board a ship to France as soon as possible. But while on his way to a ship. Their was an air raid by a zeppelin. While helping people get to safety, he heard the screams of a woman and he recognized from it she was being attacked by a vampire. He staked the vampire, but vampires wearing German uniforms had jumped down from the zeppelin and they attacked him. Luckily, his colleague Corporal Dowling could help Geoffrey and together they fought killed all vampires, except for one that fled.

Later while on a boat to France, nearing the coast, Geoffrey spotted a stranded U-boat. They went inside to find all the Germans had been killed by a vampire (Angel). When they later arrived at their rendez-vous poin they met up with four other soldiers who joined them on further missions. Geoffrey took two and started questioning soldiers about suspicious men they had encountered which led them to the trail of Angel, whom they captured. They took him back to the village, questioned him in front of Margaret, and exposed him to sunlight, after which he escaped. Geoffrey chose not to chase after him, instead questioned Margaret.

Some time at night, Angel broke into Margaret's bedroom and explained that he was a vampire cursed with a soul. She did not believe him and made noise to attract the Watchers. Geofrrey and Dowling engaged Angel in combat. Angel tried to reason with them, when Kakistos suddenly arrived at the scene and killed Dowling. Geoffrey attacked him with a stake, but since stake could not kill Kakistos, he failed. Angel wondered how Kakistos could have entered and Kakistos revealed Margaret had invited him.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

The events took place after "Barbary Coast, Part Three", but before the flashbacks from "Orpheus".

  • The exact timing of the events in this issue overlaps with issues 1, 2, and 4 of the Blood & Trenches series as it takes the point of view of Geoffrey rather than Angel.

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Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce: "Vampires fight for only one side. Their own."
- Interlude

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