Innovation Labs was a corporation that was apparently established in the aftermath of the existence of vampires in general—and Angel in particular—became public knowledge after the Fall of Los Angeles.

Seeking to perfect a means of making their clients immortal, they contacted Angel, attempting to offer him a share in the profits if he turned clients for them, only for Angel to reject their offer, informing them that his 'condition' couldn't be passed on and he had no interest in creating more vampires. Although Innovation Labs subsequently managed to capture Angel (apparently taking his blood in an attempt to duplicate his condition), their efforts were met with failure; while turning the client into a vampire is not a problem, due to their scientific-based staff they remained incapable of confirming whether or not the vampire actually had a soul, resulting in their first 'test subject' attacking a talk show host during what was meant to be their public unveiling. Although they were contacted by a woman who claimed to be a witch willing to test their curses, having been granted access to their currently-contained 'clients' she proceeded to stake them all to prevent them being released, the firm's ability to create further vampires being cut short when Illyria discovered and released Angel from captivity.

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