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Incinii was a druidic Slayer active in the first century in Wales.


Incinii was born early in the year 46 on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. She was activated as the Slayer in the year 52 at the age of 16, with Eyra as her Watcher. Her time as the Slayer came following the death of a Celtic Slayer, killed when the Night Terrors forcibly ejected her spirit and allowed vampires to feast on her corporeal body.[1]

In the year 60, Anglesey was invaded by the Roman forces under the rule of general Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, who sought to break the power of the druids on the island and expand the Roman Empire to Wales. Incinii chose to fight on the frontlines alongside her brother in order to protect him, but Eyra begged her not to go as that was not the war she was meant to fight. Incinii stood her ground and sneaked off to the battlefield without telling her watcher, although Eyra knew exactly where she was when she turned up missing. Despite sustaining injuries in battle, Incinii survived the invasion and went on to continue her duties as the Slayer until she died about a year later.[1]

Along with Ejuk, Marguerite Allard, and Agatha Primrose, Incinii was one of the four Slayers chosen as a target by time traveling vampire assassins.[1]



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Preceded by:
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