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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Impressions is a novel by Doranna Durgin centered around Angel and his team.


It seems a quiet day at Angel Investigations until a desperate man arrives, chased by a demon. The gang kills the monster, which decomposes as soon as it dies. The man seems to have fallen victim to a stolen identity scam; he's been approached by a false Angel and is now distrustful of the real thing, so does not want to give up the ancient stone he's found. Angel's worried by the notion of an impersonator, but Cordy's just curious why he didn't impersonate more worthy celebrities. Meanwhile, Lorne reports some bad mojo from Caritas, and needs help. Something is getting under local demons' skins, and even bothering Angel.


  • The events took place after "Endangered Species" but before "Offspring". Caritas is still open, placing it prior to "That Old Gang of Mine".
  • Gunn attempts to recruit a new gang to replace his old one, but their impetuous attitude often results in them using incorrect methods of attempting to kill certain demons.



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  • Setting: Season 3.

Pop Culture References


Charles Gunn: "Sad day when I find myself explaining things to dead people."
- Impressions

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