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Immortality was the ability to live forever. While beings such as the Old Ones lived an eternal life without permanent death,[1] other creatures such as vampires simply had no limit to their lifespan.[2]


The First Evil was an eternal entity incapable of dying or being destroyed. It could only be rendered powerless and unable to act temporarily.[3]

The Powers That Be were also eternal entities. In the 21st century, the former PTB Jasmine claimed she had been "forged in the inferno of creation"[4] and saw the rise of the Old Ones in the Primordium Age.[5] Whistler, the son of a PTB with a demon, lived through ancient history[6] until his sacrifice in the 21st century.[7]

Old Ones were immortals in the sense that they could never be completely destroyed.[1] Even if their bodies had perished, their essence lived on, and they could find ways to come back into being.[8][9][10]

The Children of the Senior Partners were created as immortal beings capable of living indefinitely. However, once Eve lost her position as Liaison to the Senior Partners, she had to sign over her immortality to Marcus Hamilton and lamented that she would die someday.[11]

Vengeance demons could live for thousands of years and remain an ageless appearance.[12]

Due to the uranium 235 core used to reanimate and power Adam's body, he had no need for food, water, or sleep, and was virtually immortal.[13]

Vampires could live for centuries without the passage of time deteriorating their health or physically aging their previous human appearance from the point they were sired.[2] However, older and experienced vampires were capable of strengthening their powers, and their advanced age would eventually manifest more demonic features.[14] Their immortal status could be reversed with the use of Blood of Eternity, which would render a vampire human again.[15]

Despite his human appearance, the Immortal was known for his longevity and accomplishments in over two hundred years.[16]

In Melaka Fray's original timeline, Willow stood guard for two centuries after Buffy went to a hell dimension to keep the demons from the battle of the Reckoning from returning to Earth.[17] Once a new Slayer was finally called in the 23rd century, Willow brought an early Buffy to Haddyn so she would be the one who killed Willow,[18] a choice made in repentance for her guilt for leaving her friend in a hell dimension.[17]