This is a civilized country. We do these things all the time. Somebody gets kidnapped, somebody pays the money. Everybody goes home happy. Grazie. Prego. Kiss-kiss.
―Ilona Costa Bianchi[src]

Ilona Costa Bianchi was the CEO of the Roman Branch of Wolfram & Hart.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite her work for the evil law firm, Ilona was quite genial and friendly, even to Angel and Spike, although she seemed slightly disappointed that she wasn't talking to Angelus. Like Angel and Spike, she was a vampire (she claimed to not have breath after quipping to Spike that he was so handsome he took her breath away). She had a great dislike for Romanies, whom she referred to by the slur "Gypsy." Every time they were mentioned, she spit and declared "Let us never speak of them again!" She met the Immortal, and mentioned having had "satisfactory" dealings with him. She seemed quite eccentric, willing to allow one of her employees to sleep through what could have been a major crisis, providing Angel with a very loud, expensive, not to mention uncharacteristic jacket after he lost his own due to a bomb, and due to her seemingly unshakeable happy attitude, which proved in clear contrast to virtually every other Wolfram & Hart employee.

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