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Ildikó Géllert was a Romani Slayer active in Hungary for six months in 1609.


Ildikó was born in a Romani tribe in 1594. She was always a bit of a tomboy, even as a child, showing little interest in learning the duties of the women of her tribe and even showed an aversion at the prospect of bathing regularly. She ran away from her tribe around the age of 12 in 1606 and was found one winter night by Kurt Rendor, a respected village elder and Watcher, who took her in and gave her food and shelter. She was identified as a Potential Slayer and trained for the next few years in the ways of the Chosen One, living with Kurt under the guise of his deceased cousin's granddaughter.

In May of 1609, Ildikó was finally activated upon the death of the previous Slayer. It was noted by her Watcher that Ildikó's biggest flaw as a Slayer was her inability to sense vampires. In November of 1609, she and her Watcher bore witness to the disposal of a couple victims of Elizabeth Bathory, the legendary Bloody Countess. Upon hearing the stories of her cruelty and torture, Ildikó felt the need to infiltrate the castle and take down the Countess. After two days of lessons in proper speaking, attire, and demeanor, Ildikó was chosen to be sent to the castle as a maid along with a few other girls from the village. She was on her own to fight whatever evil lurked within the castle walls, including the vampires that guarded it. The servants of the Countess took notice of Ildikó's strength, so she was soon moved from kitchen duties to one of the women in charge of removing he bodies of the Countess' victims. Instead, she was trapped and drugged, Ildikó fell victim to the Bloody Countess. She was killed by use of the Iron Maiden, without ever discovering if the Countess was truly a vampire.[1]



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Preceded by:
Unknown, eventually Virginia Dare
The Slayer
May–November 1609
Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually Abigail Cole
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