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Ignis incende”, or simply “Ignis”, was the incantation from a spell of pyrokinesis.


Willow first cast the spell in 2000 in order to magically lit a barbecue at Sunnydale beach. According to her, a witch who performed this spell had to be careful to balance the elements. Indeed, a rainstorm immediately began, although Willow denied messing up the spell.[1]

In 2006, as the Scooby Gang was in what was left of Sunnydale and were talking about the Seed of Wonder, Willow was targeted by one of the demons that emerged from the shadows. She was slammed against a wall and interrogated about the whereabouts of the Seed. However, she was able to say the words to this spell and the demon who had her in his grasp burst into flame, as Willow directed her magics to keep him at bay while he burns to death.[2]

In 2008, Rupert Giles attempted to cast the spell against Dracula, who intended to rob the Vampyr book from Xander and Dawn's apartment. The spell failed as it was interrupted by Andrew Wells, who was acting under the vampire's thrall, and protected his master slamming a book on Giles' head, who then feel unconscious.[3]

In the following year, Willow used the incantation “Ignis” once again to conjure fire, sending it in the direction of Joanna Wise during a confrontation. Although, even initially catching fire, the powerful magically infused cyborg was able to resist any harm from the spell, which quickly extinguished.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • “Ignis incende” is Latin for “fire burn”.



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