I Wish, Part Two is the seventh issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten comic book series. Joss Whedon is the executive producer.


As Spike and Xander bond – while also seriously getting on each other’s nerves – they are tempted to start writing some rules of their own in the book of magical laws... concerning Buffy and Dawn![1]


The Scooby Gang is moving into their newly demon-free apartment building. Spike and Xander are carrying boxes up to the apartment that they now share. They share a heated discussion about Spike’s issues of Soap Opera Digest and Xander’s many action figures. Xander asks Spike if he planning on getting a job and then tells him that he should see if Supernatural Crimes could use his help. Spike thinks on this and then decides it not a bad idea. Xander leaves to see what the girls are doing across the hall. Across the hall, Buffy is also unpacking. D'Hoffryn and Giles are at a small table with the Vampyr book. Giles is making an entry about making the magical barriers between earth and hell dimensions much stronger. D'Hoffryn teleports away but warns Giles not to use the book for his own personal needs. Buffy reassures Giles that they are a team, but tells him that she is worried about him living on his own. He assures her that he will be fine and they are just across the hall.

Willow tells Buffy that she has the protection spell set up on Xander and Spike’s apartment, but theirs will take longer and she has an interview. She advises that the book stay at their place until their apartment is locked down as well. They all agree. Dawn comes downstairs carrying a box of Xander’s things. They make small talk and Xander asks Dawn to a movie, but she declines citing work. Buffy gives Xander the book and tells him to be patient with Dawn and stop trying so hard.

Later, Xander and Spike are staring intently at the book. Spike notes that they should not have this kind of power in their hands. Xander warns him not to write anything about Buffy love him in the book. Spike tells him that he wouldn’t, but says that Xander could correct this thing with Dawn by writing it down. Xander says that it would be selfish, but he has thought about it. Spike tells Xander that he has to love himself before he can love anyone else. Xander gets angry and throws the book, telling Spike that he is full of crap and he knows that Spike still loves Buffy. They agree to go get a drink. At the bar, they talk about Xander’s anger issues and how he’s getting help from Dr. Mike and he asks Spike to help him get Dawn back. Spike agrees, but says he also needs to give her space and how it must be like losing Joyce all over again.

A blonde woman approaches Spike and they hit it off, she introduces herself as Thelma. Xander is annoyed until he also hits it off with a brunette woman. They get a booth and share several beers together. The girls invite them back to their place, but they decline. The girls’ eyes turn green putting both of them into a trance and Spike and Xander both agree to go to their place. The girls lead them down the street. Anya appears behind him warning him that they are not girls, they are sirens. He starts to come out of his trance until the brunette whistles and he leaves Anya behind. Back at their place, the sirens shed their human guises, back into their true form. Spike tries to kiss one, but she brushes him off and tells them they will be having sex with the Mistress. She motions to an overweight, tentacled demon with green hair, a face like a fish and a crown.

Ten minutes later, Xander and Spike are in their boxers having a pillow fight with each other. The sirens are looking on in delight, but Anya is complete despair. Anya realizes that if she talks loud enough, Xander might be able to hear her and she can snap him out of it. She starts yelling and he comes out of the trance. He grabs two plastic drink swords and shoves them in Spike’s ears shattering his ear drums. Spike attacks Xander, realizes he’s in his boxers and that they are being seduced by sirens. The two minion sirens attack him while the Mistress makes her getaway. Xander’s hearing returns and he also starts to attack Spike, but he manages to kill the sirens before Xander can stop him.

A bit later, Spike and Xander are back at the bar with Dowling having a drink. Xander leaves and walks back to his apartment with Anya. He apologies for everything that he’s done to her. He offers to try and use the book to make her human again, but she declines. He arrives home and sees Dawn pushing her bike walking next to a guy. He goes upstairs and sits at the table looking at the Vampyr book. Back at the bar, Spike thanks Dowling for the beer and Dowling asks him if he still loves Buffy. After some frustration he admits that he does. They leave together and Dowling tells him that things will work out. Back at the bar, Dylan comes looking for Spike.




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