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Hutash was the Slayer active in the year 1808, when she prevented the recently created Hellmouth in Sunnydale to be open and rescued her tribe from the Spaniard vampires.


Hutash was born in a Chumash tribe in Sunnydale. Spaniards eventually came to colonize, enslave, and eat her people, but the Chumash only discovered these strangers weren't human when it was too late to fight back. They escaped the mission, but the Spaniards took many of them hostage, including Hutash's mother. While her father fought the vampires, Hutash led the weak and elderly into hiding, but the fighters were defeated. In this moment, Hutash felt her powers as the newly called Slayer and was able to protect her people slaying the pursuing vampires. The survivors honored her naming her Hutash, after the protector of the Chumash and their future.[1]

Two months after the death of the Watcher José, Hutash met a new Watcher, Pérez, who informed her about her duty as a Slayer. In their mutual distrust, he did not believe when she told him about the vampires' plan of opening a Hellmouth, and his help only came after one of her people died sacrificed over the Seal of Danzalthar. Hutash slayed the Spaniard vampires, including their leader Father Loius, and José magically closed the seal. After rescuing her tribe, Hutash then rejected the Watchers Council due to their dehumanizing views of the Chumash people. She asked Pérez to return to the Council without revealing to them what had happened. As he left, Hutash led her people into burning the Spanish mission.[1]



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