Neither of you is particularly qualified to run the Special Projects Division. And as for your relationship to one another: your competition is vicious, destructive... and healthy. We think you keep each other on your toes. Which is why we've decided to appoint you both as joint, acting, Co-Vice Presidents until such time as we see fit to... narrow it down. Congratulations. The Senior Partners will be watching you.
―Hunt Acrey[src]

Hunt Acrey was an executive of Wolfram & Hart belonging to an unknown Division.

Biography Edit

Following the massacre at Holland Manners' wine cellar at the teeth of Darla and Drusilla, Hunt Acrey acted as liaison between the Senior Partners and Lilah Morgan and Lindsey McDonald.

He informed Lilah and Lindsey that neither of them was individually qualified to replace Holland as Executive-Vice-President of Special Projects but due to the destructive yet competitive nature of their relationship, they would both be appointed joint acting Co-Vice-Presidents of Special Projects until the Senior Partners would choose one of them.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Nicolas Surovy.

Appearances Edit

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