Hotel Luxe entrance

The Hotel Luxe was a hotel located in San Francisco, California.

History[edit | edit source]

Dracula occupied a room together with Xander Harris after they managed to steal the Vampyr book. The building was damaged when Dracula transformed into Maloker and burst through the roof[1].

Olivia Williams, based on Los Angeles, went to San Francisco several times as a consultant to Supernatural Crimes Unit, always staying in Hotel Luxe[2]. She met Rupert Giles there for the first time after his resurrection. When he was able to assume an adult form for a day, they met again at the hotel and slept together[3].

The Vice President of the United States stayed at Hotel Luxe when he went to San Francisco, with various protesters at the hotel's entrance. In order to interrogate him, Willow and Xander teleported to his room and kidnapped him, replacing the vice president with Xander under a glamour. An interview to Financial Times was conducted at the living room's suite[4].

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