Hoopy was a demonically made teddy bear who had the power to transform into a more dangerous creature. In a plot to kill the Slayer using cunning instead of violence, a demon with the help of a young warlock-in-training imbued a toy bear doll with the essence of a D'jinn. The D'jinn would grant the Slayer her heart's unconscious desires but would also take away from her.

Mistaking Buffy's kid sister Dawn for the Slayer, the doll was mistakenly given to Dawn Summers. The doll, Hoopy, began to show his violent tendencies after Dawn got into a fight with the school bully, who was later sent to the hospital after Hoopy attacked him as payback for picking on Dawn.


Later, when Dawn saw an advertisement for a new fashion line of dolls, her fondest wish was granted again by Hoopy, and received a doll but at the cost an employee from the local toy store, who was attacked by a gigantic bear. Realizing that he mistakenly gave the bear to the wrong person, the demon's apprentice attempted to steal it back, but was instead attacked by Hoopy. When Dawn realized that Hoopy was fulfilling Dawn's unconscious desires, which was hurting people in the process, Dawn took control of her power over Hoopy, forcing him out of her home before Buffy Summers entered Sunnydale High School. Years later, he loyally sided with the vampire Velatti. He had become a more evil bear by this time. Kidnapping Dawn from her home in an effort to draw Buffy out, Hoopy brought the Slayer's sister to the Double-Meat palace for a showdown. During the Double-Meat palace showdown, Hoopy was killed by Xander. This confrontation between Dawn and Hoopy suggested that Dawn did not remember her childhood friend.

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