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The Bakemono (nicknamed Hooligans) were a demon species that were known as Bakemono in Japan and Baumesal in Germany.

Needing to re-establish a foothold on this plane quickly, the Hooligans made a deal with Ethan Rayne. In exchange for Ethan's assistance, they promised to make him filthy rich. In the middle of a clearing in Miller's woods, there was a hole in this world, small enough for the Hooligans, but not for their mother. In order to free her, they needed to steal special things to which the owners of those object were emotionally attached. Bringing the trinkets to their mother as tribute, they would drain off the residual energies imbued in those objects and give it to their mother to widen the hole.

The Hooligans had the ability to imitate a lifeless doll and were sold by Rayne to the youth of Sunnydale. After the Hooligans became the latest craze, they waited until their owners were asleep and stole prized possessions for their mother. Buffy Summers became suspicious of the Hooligans after noticing that all the teenagers who purchased a Hooligan doll began to exhibit signs of irrational behavior. Managing to catch the Hooligans red handed, Buffy traced the work back to Rayne. Buffy failed to prevent the Hooligans' mother from crossing over, however, she did manage to overpower her and threatened to kill her, unless the Hooligans returned to their home dimension with their mother, to which the Hooligans agreed.

Three years later, another group of these creatures are included in The First Evil reality's.


  • Jeremy
  • Aleister
  • Vidal
  • Mother Hooligan



  • The Bakemonos are very similar to Gremlins.