Denver: “You realize what this "Home Office" probably is?
Angel: “I have an idea.
Denver: “Hell, that's what it'd be, hell. Why the heck you wanna go to hell?
Denver and Angel[src]
The Home Office was a term used in Wolfram & Hart to refer to what Angel, Lorne and Denver presumed to be the place where
Home office

The true Home Office- the every day world.

the Senior Partners dwelled and the source of their power. However, the truth about the Home Office was not precisely what these three belived, but something much more sinister.


Lorne: “"Home Office". I picked it up from half a dozen of them tonight.
Angel: “What does it mean?
Lorne: “Could be the source. Who knows?
— Lorne and Angel[src]

Angel first learned of the Home Office when he pressed Lorne for information on W&H as numbers of lawyers showed at Caritas to sing so they could learn if they had any hope of surviving the firm's 75 Year Review. Lorne picked up the term from several of the singing lawyers and passed it on to Angel, telling him it could be "the source".

As Angel sought more information, he enlisted the help of Denver, who speculated the Home Office was hell itself, and thus any attempt to travel to it in order to wipe out the Senior Partners would tantamount to suicide. Both Angel and Denver believed

After killing the Senior Partner that had materialized, Angel stole its Band of Blacknill, hoping that it would take him to the Home Office. However seconds after he put on the ring, an elevator at W&H's first floor opened, with Holland Manners in it. Believing the elevator would take him to the dwelling realm of the Senior Partners, Angel stepped inside, discussing the nature of his mission with Holland.

After the elevator ride came to an end, the doors opened and Angel found himself in the Home Office, the place which was the source of the Senior Partner's power: earth itself. The Senior Partner was not coming from Wolfram & Hart's Home Office but in fact back to it.


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