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Holy water was water that had been sanctified by a religious figure.[5] As a blessed object, it was capable of causing damage to vampires.[6]


Holy water worked as a very effective repellent, as contact would cause visible, acid-like burns on vampire's skin[1][7] and, if ingested, was capable of dusting a vampire from within their body.[2] Unlike crosses, holy water was also able to cause minor burns to a Turok-Han.[8]

The use of holy water made it so a common object equipped by Slayers[9][10] and other vampire hunters,[11] as well as sold in magic shops.[3] It was one of the ingredients of a performing revoke invitation ritual.[12]

Ethros demons were known to be vulnerable to holy water as well. It was required in order to perform an Ethros' exorcism.[13] Holy water also had effect on an unknown possessing entity, burning its ectoplasmic tentacles.[4]

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