Wesley: “Children. Three of them. Seers. Each found in a different remote location. Brought together here for the first time...
Cordelia: “"Together the children have the power to see into the heart of things."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Cordelia Chase[src]

The Holy Triumvirate were a trio of blind children from different parts of the world who, according to the Scrolls of Aberjian, would one day be able to see into the heart of all things and pose a threat to Wolfram & Hart. They were seers whose powers would grow stronger together and, over time, act against the law firm.

Holland Manners sent assassin Vanessa Brewer after the children and ordered Lindsey McDonald to forge a proper cover to prevent her conviction in case she got caught. Though Lindsey had defended Brewer for a murder related to Brewer's assignment, he drew the line at murdering children, thus he betrayed the firm and helped Angel stop Brewer before she killed the children. The children were kept protected by a guardian inside a safe house until their mentor would collect them. Brewer tracked down the safe house and managed to kill the children's guardian, though she was killed by Angel before she could complete her mission.

Despite the importance attributed to them by the scrolls, and the prophesied rise of the three against the firm, Wolfram & Hart never again attempted to kill the seers.

Behind the scenes

The children were portrayed by Risha Kumar, Karen Lu, and Alex Buck.


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