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Holy Glove

[...] all who fought [the Kleynach] were incinerated, whether they struck with fist or sword, but one brave and worthy knight... He had a glove fashioned and blessed by all the Powers of Light and whoever wore this glove could kill the Kleynach just by grabbing it at the throat.

The so-called Holy Glove was a metallic gauntlet created and empowered by "the Powers of Light". Whoever wore this glove could kill a Kleynach demon and other dark entities simply by grabbing them by the throat.

The Glove made its way to the United States and in 1975 was bought by Denver at a yard sale in Covina. For years Denver had no use for it except as an oven mitt. Decades later, when Angel sought Denver for information on how to kill one of Wolfram & Hart's Senior Partners, Denver gave him the Glove for free, as Angel had changed Denver's views on life when the two met in 1952. However, Denver was seconds later killed by Darla, who also sought to wipe out the Senior Partners, but wanted to take their place.

Angel and Darla fought once again for the Glove at the Wolfram & Hart building. This time Darla lost the Glove as she was defeated by Angel and W&H's security guards. After recuperating the Glove, Angel used it to slay the recently materialized Senior Partner as the two fell from the building and into the ground.

Angel kept the Glove with himself when he took the elevator that was supposed to take him to the Home Office, where he believed the Senior Partners dwelled. However, when he discovered that the Home Office, the source of the Partners' power, was earth itself, he gave up his self-imposed mission of destroying the firm. As he left the elevator, he dropped the Holy Glove and left.

What happened to the Holy Glove is unknown, though it can be presumed that it was seized by W&H, as the artifact was capable of slaying a Senior Partner.

Behind the scenes

  • This marked the third appearance of a weapon previously owned or used by a knight and has since been fashioned or blessed to be capable of killing demons. The first of such weapons were the two swords that struck Acathla. The swords belonged to the virtuous knight.


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