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Holden Webster was a vampire and a former Sunnydale High School student.[1]


Sunnydale High and college[]

Holden was a classmate of Buffy Summers in European History. During his junior year, he did the lighting design for the spring production of Pippin. Buffy helped him move the lighting board, but he dropped it on her foot. He was friends with Scott Hope, Jason Wheeler, and Tricia Waldman.

After high school, he attended Dartmouth College where he was majoring in Psychology and took two years of Tae Kwon Do. During this time, he took a year off to do an internship at the Sunnydale Mental Hospital.[1]


He was sired by Spike while under the influence of the First Evil, along with a myriad of other people. Buffy, the Slayer, arrived to his grave to slay him. The two recognized each other and decided to cease fighting to catch up and talk. Holden counselled Buffy about her issues with men and her superiority complex among her friends.

Holden then attacked Buffy when she was caught off-guard. The two took the fight into a mausoleum, where they continued to talk about her issues. Holden concluded that Buffy's problem connecting with people stemmed from the loneliness she felt as a Slayer. Before fighting again, he pointed out that everyone felt lonely and mentioned Spike as his sire. Buffy then staked him, shocked at the realization that Spike was harming humans.[1]

Behind the scenes[]