A higher being, also known as a higher power or god, was an immensely powerful being, typically worshiped by the inhabitants of Earth and other dimensions.


Many higher beings were invoked in different spells of varying range of effects. Such spells usually were related to the deity's domain. For example, Minerva, goddess of wisdom and defense, was called on to erect a protective barrier, while Osiris, considered a partron of the dead and considered master of all fates, authorized resurrection spells.

The origins of these deities were unknown, and it was never revealed if they shared a connection with each other. According to Jasmine, long ago, the primeval forces that were considered good and evil took shape; however, the malevolent grew in power and the era of Old Ones began. A fact in common for the majority is that they were in war with the Old Ones before the human race appeared like The Powers That Be. It was also possible that they had a same origins with the old demons, more or less evidenced by Jasmine's real form, inducting a schism. Exactly how powerful they were was also never explained. Additionally, their respective domains, and how they answered prayers and spells that invoked their name from other dimensions was largely unknown.Although she is an entirely different species Illyria could be considered as a higher power because she literally has the power of a God as commented by Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on her power,when Angel went to the future to find a way to stop Myresto Mor he found his sister Rowant Mor had already killed him to rule the world when they engaged to battle with Rowent Illyria's power in brutal strength was equally as powerful as Rowent Mor (a higher power herself that predates the Old One and The Powers That Be) , back at the Primordium Age when Illyria was ruling the world it took 3 Old ones (Illyria's killers) to kill her not even by their own power but by Illyria's symbols ( which holds a copy of Illyria's powers) they couldn't even kill her by their own power that makes Illyria truly divine. Liandra could also be considered as a higher power, Before she fell from grace she was really powerful wielding Divine powers much more powerful than Potentate themselves being part of the Celestial host itself when she was fighting Illyria she commented on liandra's power as Primal Energy rutted in the very Forces of Creation so Liandra could be considered almost if not as powerful as a higher power themselves. The Valet could also be considered as a higher power on Earth Assigned by The Powers That Be to manipulate Reality to those who earned it by passing The Trials . Dawn Summers discovered she was the The Key all along and more importantly she didn't need a ritual to access her powers she just just believed in her self and had some courage and faith from her sister and the others dawn accessed her powers that now she can open portals to any dimension and destroy the barriers that holds them which can lead to an apocalypse,she can shrink and destroy powerful demons with a flick of her wrist Giles implied that Dawn had become god like entity.Connor can also be considered as a Higher being because when Angel went to the future and found Myresto Mor dead by his sister Rowant Mor when they were arguing she told him that Conner's powers are now akin to ours meaning that's why she said the Sisterhood of Jaro Hull Hull after him in the first place then with the help of Illyria he went back to the past in order to rescue his team from Myresto Mor Connor him self used some kind of light manipulation/Higher being ability and killed Myresto Mor and saved a baby.Whistler can be also considered a higher being because of the higher being heritage that he has from his father (Whistler's father) he demonstrated powerful magical abilities like Energy generation (which in itself is a higher being's ability) when he was fighting with Angel combined with his Demon heritage from his mother (Whistler's mother) he is Demon/Higher being hybrid which makes him a powerful being.

The Enochian protection runes protect the bearer from being viewed remotely from them.

Known Higher Beings

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