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Hellmother was the demonic creature who commanded over the hellmouth, being the source of evil over Sunnydale. In her plans to extend her control to the surface, she needed sufficient pain in the air to be summoned, as well as Angel's vampiric body as a vessel and Buffy Summers' Slayer blood as life to escape Hell.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In October 2019, the vampire Drusilla began her research in order to open Sunnydale's hellmouth and control an army of men.[1] She then activated the hellmouth with the "blood of the loyal" and opened it with the "blood of a mortal,"[2] using the Dagger of Sekhmet to stab her consort Spike[3] and the human Sandy Noxon.[2]

Buffy Summers and Angel then ventured inside the hellmouth in order to close and deactivate it. Soon, they discovered Drusilla had been used as a puppet by the Hellmother, the one who would have her own army instead. After a battle with the demonic creatures living in the hellmouth, Buffy's discovery of Angel's true nature as a vampire[4] caused enough strife for the Hellmother to manifest. The creature then possessed Angel, changing his appearance with long and white hair.[5]

Meanwhile, at the surface, the men of Sunnydale grew enraged[6] until Hellmother's influence made it so they had no more control over themselves. This included both human and vampire males, with the exception of the Alexander Harris, grounded by his half soul.[7]

Buffy fought against the possessed Angel, but was soon outnumbered by Hellmother's army of demons. Drusilla helped Buffy attack the Hellmother for her betrayal, but the vampire was thrown into the hellmouth's mysterious lake. At this moment, Kendra Young, Anyanka, Cordelia Chase, Willow Rosenberg, Rose Martinez arrived, flying atop Camazotz, and assisted Buffy in the battle. With the demons defeated, Willow drew the Hellmother out of Angel, so Buffy tackled her towards the lake. Camazotz caught Buffy, leaving the Hellmother to fall alone into the lake and be dragged into its depths by Drusilla and an alternate Buffy.[8]

This alternate Buffy was one of the Slayers who had previously failed in defeating the Hellmother, due to always trying to face her alone. This had made the Hellmother repeatedly unable to get a vessel for her freedom; still, she consumed their world above, causing many universes to be gone.[9]

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