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I deserved to lose her. But she didn't deserve to be lost.

Helen Chou was a girl who trained with Angel in Los Angeles after witnessing her father's death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Demon hunter[edit | edit source]

Helen lived in an apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and had dropped out high school. She witnessed her father being eaten by a demon, when Angel saved her, and since then she didn't talk much to her sister. She began training with the Angel and assisting him in his battles and investigations, despite his worries of bringing her into this world. Helen would also suggest him to train more people than her, which she refused due to the stress of keeping her alive.[1]

One night, they used an artifact gave by Fee-Fee to find identify a demon that had been causing deaths among the homeless. They found it chasing a girl in the streets, who Angel rescued, while Helen threw a knife at it from her motorcycle. The demon caught it and attracted Helen claiming to know identify the one who ate her father, which made her look into his eyes and be hypnotized, despite Angel's warnings. While Angel ran to save her, but Helen had already fallen on the demon's promises of finding her father, and had her head bitten before Angel could get close enough.[1]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

As Angel finally arrived at the scene, he tore the demon open in rage and grief. Her sister soon hanged missing posters about her disappearance. Angel returned the artifact to Fee-Fee, asking if she knew that would happen to Helen, to which she responded it simply gave possibilities and death was always one. He told her to never contact him again, and left with the certainty to only work alone from then on.[1]

Some time later, Angel was in Amarkax's hell dimension and was attacked by visions of the people whose death caused him guilt and sorrow, Helen among them.[2] Angel was haunted once again by visions of Helen among others when entering the Hellmouth, in an attempt of the change demon Ulfreth to feed on his fears.[3]

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