Heinreich was a Third Reich military officer. In 1943, he was assigned to capture three vampires in a submarine: The Prince of Lies, Nostroyev and Spike. His mission failed when he was captured with his military guys by Sam Lawson and the United State Navy. However, the submarine is blocked. Angel is recruited for to save the crew.The Prince of Lies is beating up the captured Nazi. Angel and Lawson try to get the Prince of Lies away from the Nazi, but Angel has to stake him to stop him. Spike points out that the Prince of Lies was holding a report in German and demands that the Nazi tell them what it contains. Lawson translates an impromptu interrogation while Spike "menaces" the Nazi officer, who reveals that the Nazis have been doing experiments on vampires, trying to learn how to control them. The Nazis eventually plan to use the controlled vampires in the Nazi army. Spike is furious about what the Nazis are doing. Angel tells Spike to burn the report, which he does (while singing "God Save the King"), much to the dismay of the Nazi officer. Moments later, Heinreich escaped and stabs Lawson repairing an engine, in the stomach with a screwdriver. Lawson succeeds in pushing him lethally against a wall of the submarine.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Roy Werner.

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