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A Haxil Beast (Haxil daemonica) was an enormous species of demon dwelling underground. These beings offered fame, money and success to human men who impregnate human women with its spawn.


The gestation period lasts only a few days, with the human mothers appearing to be eight and a half months pregnant in just under a day. The women, once successfully impregnated, were then controlled by the Haxil through a sort of telepathic umbilical bond. Pregnancies caused by the Haxil are multiple, reaching numbers up to seven young at a time. The amniotic fluid produced by the young Haxil was highly acidic, capable of melting medical syringes and even concrete.  

Over time, the women became more protective of the spawn developing inside them. Additionally, they were drawn to the lair of the Haxil through the telepathic bond. The birthing process is very unpleasant and the surrogate mothers usually do not survive since the infants are quite often massive as well. Even if they do, they may wish they had not.

Harming the Haxil father caused the telepathic link to die almost instantaneously. Consequently, it also triggered the pregnancy to end, reverting the human women to their pre-pregnancy state.

Los Angeles[]

In early 2000, Cordelia Chase was impregnated by Wilson Christopher with the spawn of a Haxil that had given Wilson and his friends great wealth in exchange for their services.

It was killed when Angel threw a container of liquid nitrogen at it which Wesley then shot open, freezing the demon solid. Cordelia then shattered it by throwing an anchor head at it.

Powers and Abilities[]

Aside from the abilities to imbue men with his seed in order to impregnate women, as well as control the women, the Haxil demon also possesses enormous physical strength because of its size.

It cannot be killed by decapitation, fire or disembowelment. The only known way to kill it is to freeze it solid with liquid nitrogen.


Haxil Beast