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You know, this place is okay for a hole in the ground. You fixed it up.
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Hawley mausoleum was a monument in the Restfield Cemetery that Spike made his home circa 2000[1]–2002.[2] It was the mausoleum for the tombs of Ethel,[3][4][5] Edward,[3][6] Eloise,[7] James,[8] and other members of the Hawley family.


Before Spike moved out of Xander's basement in the Harris residence, he said to Anya he would probably look for a crypt as a dwelling in one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries. He was then seen going around a cemetery, looking for a suitable place later in the same night. Spike considered the Alpert mausoleum, as he was seen measuring its exterior.[9]

He then moved to the Hawley mausoleum, which was significantly larger than the others in the cemetery. The interior was mostly empty except for its dusty urns, statues, and cobwebs. Spike would sleep on a stone slab and a ratty blanket,[1][10] and soon had his own television, which was broken by the Initiative soldier Forrest.[11]

It was later revealed a hole in its floor, which led into an underground cavern, part of Sunnydale's extensive network of tunnels. It contained a shrine dedicated to Buffy, composed of many pictures and objects that Spike had pilfered from her home. After discovering it, Buffy indirectly destroyed this by punching Spike with enough force to send him flying into it.[12]

During the summer following Buffy's death, the crypt's decoration went through some conspicuous changes. Spike supposedly spent some time to turn it into a comfortable home, complete with a cable TV, refrigerator, lamps and various pieces of furniture, including an armchair acquired from Buffy's house.[13] At this point, the lower level of the mausoleum also seemed to be comfortably furnished, and containing what looked to be a bar counter and a double size bed.[14][15] Its floor was covered by Persian carpets.[16] Some time later, however, the furnishing of the lower lever got destroyed in an explosion along with Suvolte demon's eggs, after Riley caught Spike hiding the dangerous eggs there.[5]

When Spike went to Africa to get his soul, he left Clem in possession of his crypt.[2][8] After his ensoulment and return to Sunnydale, Spike, disliking being reminded of his old soulless self, opted not to return to the crypt,[17] instead staying first in the basement of the new Sunnydale High,[18][19] briefly in Xander's apartment,[20][21] and then in the basement of Buffy's house.[22][23] When Clem fled from Sunnydale,[24] however, it was not certain whether he had been living in the crypt prior to his departure.

The Hawley mausoleum was destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale, following Spike's sacrifice at the battle at the Hellmouth.[23] Years later, Buffy and Spike visited the place in Sunnydale's crater, which prompted them to reflect about this phase of their lives.[17]

Prominent events[]


  • Rupert Giles visited Spike at his new home to give him money, in return for helping him when he was temporarily turned into a Fyarl demon. He hesitantly asked Spike whether he intended to help the Scoobies, since he could only hurt demons due to his chip. In response, however, Spike was dismissive of the idea, declaring he had no interest in helping them anymore.[1]
  • Adam visited Spike in the mausoleum to recruit him to his side. He successfully concluded a pact with him, in exchange for promising the removal of his chip.[25]
  • Riley visited the mausoleum in order to obtain information from him on Dracula.[26]
  • After kidnapping Dawn, Harmony Kendall sought refuge in Spike's crypt, becoming a temporary resident.[27]
  • Spike had an erotic dream about Buffy, in which he declared his love for her. He awoke from his dream in the mausoleum, horror-struck beside a sleeping Harmony, trying to deny his newly realized feelings for the Slayer.[27]


  • Menaced by Glory, Buffy asked Spike for help to protect and hide Dawn and Joyce in the mausoleum. He and Joyce then watched the soap opera Passions and discussed the show's latest events.[28]
  • Drusilla reunited with Spike in his crypt. Although, he imprisoned her with Buffy in his basement, and attempted to stake his sire as proof of his love for the Slayer, who rejected him. The two woman fought for the first time. Harmony intervened, but left Spike and the residence for good.[12]
  • Spike had sex with the Buffybot, until he was kidnapped by Glory's minions. After being left there badly injured, Buffy visited him disguised as Buffybot, and kissed him in gratitude for protecting Dawn's identity.[29]


  • Spike had sex with an invisible Buffy.[15]
  • Spike had sex with Buffy, followed by what he recognizes as a rare congenial conversation.[30]
  • Riley and Buffy discovered Suvolte demon's eggs under the basement. Buffy used bomb to kill the baby demons, blowing up the crypt.[5]
  • Buffy ends her relationship with Spike.[5]
  • Spike left the mausoleum to his friend Clem, and went to Africa to regain his soul by undertaking the Demon Trials.[2]
  • Menaced by Dark Willow, Buffy charge Clem to protect Dawn in the mausoleum.[8]


Behind the scenes[]