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"Haunted" is a trade paperback collecting all stories of "Haunted" miniseries.


A sinister presence stirs among the charred rubble of what used to be Sunnydale High. It seems that the ghost of Sunnydale’s former Mayor has a bone to pick with Buffy. Now, on top of dealing with her nightmares about a certain raven-haired, trash-talking former Slayer, she’s got a body-snatching, blood-sucking, poltergeist stalking her every moment she’s awake. Buffy’s left to face the thing without knowing whose hand guides it, armed only with an enigmatic message from Faith: "You’re already dead."

Fans of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show should not pass up the most Faithful collection of Buffy comics ever! Jane Espenson, long-time writer for the Buffy TV series, brings you the first and only appearance of Faith in comics, picking up directly from the Season Three finale![1]



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