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This article is about the ritual. For other uses, see the Harvest.

For they will gather and be gathered, from the Vessel pours life and out of the crescent moon, the first past the solstice it will come.
Rupert Giles[src]

Harvest was a ritual performed in a mystical night when a vampire would be able to draw power from the blood another would feed. Such minion was appointed as their Vessel and bore the symbol of a three-pointed star carved on the forehead. This could only occur once a century, on the first crescent moon after the summer or winter solstice.[1]


In 1996, the Master appointed his minion Luke as his vessel to perform the Harvest. While the weakened Master was trapped in a sunken church, Luke went to the Bronze club to feed from its patrons. The power to be harvested was intended to free the Master from his mystical prison, as he initially felt its effects as Luke drank from his first victims. The ritual was then interrupted as the Slayer Buffy Summers staked Luke, prevented the Master to resurface.[1]