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The Harris residence was the house where Xander, Anthony, and Jessica Harris resided in Sunnydale. After he graduated high school in 1999, Xander moved to the basement,[1] where he stayed until he rented an apartment for himself in 2000.[2]

Prominent events[]


  • Xander endured Buffy's rejection by listening to country music in his room.[3]


  • Under the influence of a love spell, Willow awaited Xander in his bedroom and suggested they had sex.[4]
  • Xander spent Christmas night camping in the lawn.[5]


  • Xander moved to the basement and began paying rent to his parents.[1]
  • In his basement, Xander and Anya had sex for the first time.[6]
  • Xander, Buffy, Willow, and Oz carved pumpkins in the basement during Halloween.[7]
  • Cursed by Hus, Xander woke up in his bed affected by smallpox and syphilis.[8]
  • Willow talked with Xander about her grief of losing Oz, unaware she was casting curses with her "My Will Be Done" spell. Later, as a result, demons broke in the basement and attacked Xander and Anya.[9]
  • Spike began staying with Xander in the basement, where they woke up without their voice in the first night.[10]
  • Spike attempted suicide, but only managed to break Xander's table.[11]


  • Spike left the basement to live in a crypt by himself.[12]
  • Giles sought Xander's help in his basement, but he woke up scared with Giles' Fyarl demon appearance and kicked him out.[12]
  • Buffy, Willow, Giles, Anya, and Xander hid from the Initiative by spending the night in Xander's basement.[13]
  • Xander dreamed of always coming back to the basement until his heart was torn out.[14]
  • Buffy and Riley help Xander carry his belongings from the basement in his move to an apartment.[2]