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They don't respect me. They pretend they do,but deep down they think I'm nothing. I mean, I'm the one who put this group together. Me But they treat me like I don't even matter…
―Harmony Kendall[src]

The Harmony Gang, also dubbed The Minionators by Harmony herself, was a group of vampires assembled by Harmony Kendall with the purpose of killing Buffy Summers in 2000. They were based in the underground lair which use to be resided over by Harmony and her former-lover Spike.


Their first action was breaking into the Magic Box, a store that sold items associated with the supernatural. They stole books so they could research the Slayer. While there, they also collectively killed its owner Mr. Bogarty which led to the currently unemployed Rupert Giles purchasing the shop. The gang then attacked the Summers residence by throwing a rock with a note saying, "Slayer come out and die," to prompt Buffy to exit the building and face them. However, Buffy was away on patrol so Harmony instead got into a verbal joust with Xander Harris who was babysitting Dawn at the time. Even though no one was killed, Harmony alone did manage to get an accidental invitation from Dawn before heading to the graveyard where they encountered Spike, who gave them the idea of kidnapping one of Buffy's friends to lure her into a trap.

They managed to kidnap Dawn after she stepped outside her house and kept her chained up at their lair. However, Harmony's minions turned against her having had enough of her constant bickering and tedious planing. Just as they attempted to feed on Dawn against Harmony's wishes, Buffy came to the rescue and dusted her minions as Harmony fled the scene.