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This article is about the comic. For the reality television show, see Harmony Bites.

Harmony Bites is a short story of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic book series. It was written by Jane Espenson and illustrated by Karl Moline.


After the introduction of an episode of her show, Harmony Bites, Harmony interviewed for a bartending job at the House of Blues. When the interview was over, Harmony was confronted outside by a vampire named Justin, whom she had sired four months prior. Resentful of his new status of undead and unable to tan, he attempted to stake Harmony with a piece of whitewashed picket fence. Harmony was able to reverse the attack and dusted Justin.

After the dusting, Harmony called Clem for a ride home. Although he was in the middle of a date with a fellow Loose-Skinned demon who had recently undergone plastic surgery, he came to pick Harmony up. After dropping off Clem’s date, the two went out on the town where they began to argue about the way Harmony treated people. A message from MTV invited viewers to text their thoughts on who was right, Harmony or Clem. Harmony then drove Clem’s car back home and Clem waited for a bus ride. Both shared their thoughts on how they would settle the matter, with Harmony deciding to just kill Clem.

When she arrived home, she laid in wait to drain him while Clem spent his time on the bus knitting a sweater. Clem later arrived to a darkened apartment where Harmony attempted to bite him, only resulting in her getting a mouthful of knitted sweater. The two laughed at the situation and resolved their differences. Harmony got the job as a bartender at the House of Blues, only to have invited a bunch of Slayers for her first night.


  • The story is an episode of Harmony Bites reality show, debuted in issue Harmonic Divergence.
  • Clem had declared in "Life Serial" he found tight skin unbearable, but now dates a Loose-Skinned demon who had tighten her skin. In In Perfect Harmony, Clem eventually notices he has internalized Western beauty standards.



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  • West Hollywood, California

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Death count[]

  • Justin, staked by Harmony Kendall.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Harmony Bites was originally published in digital comic anthology MySpace/Dark Horse Presents #18.


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International titles[]

  • French: Harmony a Mord (Harmony Has Bite)