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This unnamed harbormaster worked at the Sunnydale docks where he was turned into a vampire in order to cover up Camazotz's presence.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Arrival of Camazotz[edit | edit source]

Upon his arrival in Sunnydale, the demon-god Camazotz had the harbormaster turned into a vampire to hide his arrival and presence. With the harbormaster on the side of the Kakchiquels, the vampires would have no need to make pretenses to hide the activity of their ship.[1][2]

Alternate future[edit | edit source]

After realizing that Camazotz had most likely come to Sunnydale on a ship, Rupert Giles visited the harbormaster's office in hopes of finding clues to Camazotz's location. Giles claimed to be a journalist looking into gang activity in Docktown, drawing the harbormaster's suspicions, particularly as Giles was British. After Giles gave his name as Robert Travers and mentioned the Kakchiquels' bat tattoo, the harbormaster claimed that he might know something about it in exchange for money. After Giles promised to pay, the harbormaster left to supposedly call someone who might know what Giles was looking for, but instead alerted Camaztoz and the Kakchiquels.

After waiting for quite awhile for the harbormaster to return, Giles knocked again, only to have the harbormaster reveal himself to be a vampire and drag Giles inside. By the time Buffy entered, the harbormaster's office was trashed from his fight with the former Watcher who the vampire had managed to overpower and capture. Buffy demanded that the harbormaster release Giles, but he knew that she would simply kill him if he did. The harbormaster held Giles in front of him as a hostage, headbutting Giles when he tried to order Buffy to go.

As Buffy and the harbormaster entered a standoff, Camazotz entered to face the Slayer personally. The harbormaster watched the standoff impassivly until Camazotz ordered him to kill and drink Giles if Buffy did not obey him instantly. Recognizing that they were dead either way, Buffy decided to flee for her life and hope that Camazotz would keep Giles alive as bait.[1]

Rescue of Giles[edit | edit source]

After traveling back in time to avert the terrible future that she had witnessed, Buffy sent her friends to the harbormaster's office to help her as backup and much better armed than the first time. Buffy was unable to reenter her body in time to prevent Giles' capture by the harbormaster, resulting in the beginning of her first confrontation with the demon-god going much as it had the first time, aside from Buffy utilizing her future knowledge to taunt Camazotz.

Once again, Camazotz ordered the harbormaster to kill and drink Giles if Buffy didn't immediately follow his orders to thrown down her stake and crawl to him. Aware that if she fled again Giles would become something even worse than the god of bats himself, Buffy chose to surrender to buy time for her friends and hope that they could help her in time. As Buffy complied, the harbormaster relaxed his hold on Giles. The standoff was interrupted by Willow Rosenberg attacking the demon-god with a scimitar, though he managed to dodge the strike she had aimed at his neck. Instead, the blade sunk into Camazotz's chest and he struggled to pull it out again. Though the harbormaster continued to hold Giles firmly, he was distracted by the spectacle, giving Buffy the time that she needed. The Slayer retrieved her stake and attacked the harbormaster who turned to face her too late. With a short kick, Buffy broke one of the vampire's arms, freeing Giles. With Giles safe, Buffy dusted the harbormaster with her stake and Camazotz, seriously wounded and having lost his advantage, fled.[2]

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