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Get out while you can. If it takes me, you'll be the only one can save me!
Hanoch demon 3

A Hanoch Demon in Angel's mansion

Hanoch Demons, or screaming hanoch demons were a species of demon and minions of the Order of Aurelius.

In 1998, The Master, Spike, Malik and Scylla used these demons against Buffy Summers during a raid at Angel's mansion so the Master may take Angel's body. Buffy later encountered them in the Sunnydale Docks, Sunnydale High, the local foundry, in the tunnels to and in the Order's church as well as the Dreamer Demon's hell dimension.


Will you please shut up!
Hanoch demon

A Hanoch Demon screaming

Hanoch demons were thin, humanoids with blueish-grey skin, shining green eyes, clawed hands and horns all over their body. They were mostly at a hunch-backed posture when standing and tended to wave their hands. Most notable, they tended to emit a high-pitched screech during battle.

Similar to vampires, hanoch demons could be killed with fire, decapitation and a stake to the heart, all of which would result in the demon turning to dust as they die.

Powers and Abilities

Hanoch demon 2

A Hanoch Demon creating a barrier

Wow, looks like that screaming, blue meanie threw up some kinda magical barrier at the door.

Hanoch demons could produce impassable barriers by releasing a green substance from their mouths which could only be shut down by killing the demon. Flexible and agile, hanoch demons could also jump at high distances and crawl on walls and ceilings. They were capable on hopping on their enemy and killing them while mid-air.


Behind the Scenes

  • Hanoch Demons are enemies in the Xbox video game of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They were first introduced in the 7th level, The Mansion, and then appeaing in every level after that. They are the second most common enemy in the game, after vampires.
  • Three of them are also fought in the third hidden multiplayer game.
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